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PSC200 -1 1496x1855
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PSA200 - 19° /26° /36° /50°

200W LED Profile Light - 19° /26° /36° /50°

This profile lighting is made of ABS material combined with aluminum to achieve lightness of the lighting device. This product uses high-performance imported high-brightness LED light source. The scientific and reasonable optical system has the characteristics of uniform spot, no blue edge and stable color temperature. Additional dual soft light filtering technology allows the distribution of light to achieve ultra-fine uniformity in the micron range. Advanced heat pipe conduction technology and active heat dissipation method effectively protect the service life and safety of LEDs. The heat dissipation effect is good, and the service life of the light source is effectively extended. Perfect dimming, the color temperature of the whole process is highly consistent. No flicker output, silent operation DMX control. The profile clarity is high, and the tangent is straight and clear when cutting.


Parameter Introduction


Voltage and Power Consumption

* Voltage: AC100V~260V, 50Hz/60Hz

* Power Consumption: 200W, Light source life-span: more than 50,000 hours

* Light Source: 200W High-power COB LED x 1 PC

* LED Brand: Japan Citizen



* Color Rendering index (CRI): Ra≥90

* Color Temperature: 3200K±150K /5600K±150K optional

* Lens Angle: 19°, 26°, 36°, 50° (optional)

* Dimming: 0~100% linear dimming (16bit)

* Spot: uniform spot, no blue edge, stable color temperature, high resolution

* Cut Light: The tangent is straight and clear when cutting.

* Technology: High quality optical system, glass reflector

* Focal length: manual adjustment

* Strobe: 1-25 times / sec Fast electronic strobe, adjustable strobe speed

* Decibel: <30Db

* PWM Dimming Frequency: 1.2K~24K

* Dimming Mode: with four linear dimming

* Features: The lamp has temperature display, over-temperature automatic protection, key password
                   protection, online software upgrade through external DMX signal port, real-time monitoring of
                   lamp usage status through RDM control equipment.

* Signal Input/output: 3P-XLR input / output

* Power Connection: Nutrik power plug;  


Control Mode

* Control Mode: Master-slave synchronous control mode, Built-in program control, Static mode

* Channel Mode: 1/2CH (monochrome)

* Control Protocol: DMX512 Protocol and RDM Protocol

* Core control system: Advanced anti-jamming ARM7 processor, Constant current drive mode.



* Heat pipe cooling system + Ultra-quiet smart fan + Overheat protection

* Protection Level: IP20

* Working Temperature: -30°C~40°C


Dimension & Size

* Net Weight: 7.0 KG 

* Product Size: 70.0cm(L) X 30.0cm(W) X 31.0cm(H)