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XP-Y2 -4 1496x1855
XP-Y2 -3 1496x1855
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XP-Y2 - Waterproof 200W high CRI ZOOM LED PAR

Waterproof 200W high CRI ZOOM LED PAR

The new waterproof PAR 64 housing design, the optics adopts a high-precision lens combination design, the light from the zoom range of 10°-40° is particularly soft and uniform, high color rendering index, easy to use indoors or outdoors.

* Use Taiwan COB LED with high-efficiency heat dissipation system, after thermal     
  equilibrium can still have a very stable color temperature output.
* Using aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy steel plate technology, ultra-light and thin
   design, simple and stylish.

* Optical design adopts highly precise lens combination.

* Modular structure, simple operation, convenient for daily simple maintenance.
* The light source adopts LED cold light source, matrix distribution, high light
   transmission diffuser, light output is soft, uniform, no infrared, ultraviolet, no glare,
   balanced heat conduction technology, silent fan + sun radiator design can quickly
   converge Heat energy is taken out instantly, achieving low noise heat dissipation effect.
10°-40° zoom angle, able to view a wide range of astigmatism lighting
High color rendering index CRI ≥ 95
Waterproof grade IP44 can be used for outdoor or indoor installation


Parameter Introduction


Voltage and Power Consumption

* Voltage: AC110240V 50Hz/60Hz

* Power Consumption: Max 250W

* Light Source: 1 x 200W COB LED, 3200K



* CRI: 95

* Beam Angle: 10° ~ 40°

* Illuminance: @10°: 3 Meter 18090Lux; @40°: 3 Meter 3050Lux

* 0-100% linear dimming2 dimming curves optionalHigh speed synchronization strobe function

* Power / Signal: 3-pin XLR input/output connector (IP65) / Powercorn input/output connector (IP65)


Control Mode

* Control Mode: DMX 512Master/SlaveSound Activated

* 7 DMX 512 Channel: 1 / 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7 CH*



* Protection Level: IP44

* Color: Black


Dimension & Size

* Net Weight: 4.50 KG

* Product Size: 48.0cm(L) X 30.5cm(W) X 27.5cm(H)

* Master Carton Size: 52.5cm(L) x 52.5cm(W) x 52.5cm(H) (4 PCS)

* Gross Weight: 23.80 KG (Daisy-chain version); 20.7 KG (Powercorn version)