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Rcon-LED1610 -1 1496x1855
Rcon-LED1610 -1 1496x1855


Parameter Introduction



* Standard Universal DMX control with RDM protocol

* 160 channel DMX channels output / 5 Faders

* 10 channels to show in 2 pages

* 16 Scenes can be opened one or more synchronous to run according to open sequent.

* Each chase can manage the running loop from 1-200

* Chase controlled manually, sound activated and Automatic

* Channels, Scene, Chase output synchronously

* USB Interface ease of backup and software upgrade

* RDM protocol to set DMX address from console

* Sound sensitivity adjustable

* DMX Strobe setting feature to allow to set one or more channels strobe, frequency from

* Adaptor: DC 9-12V, 800mA 


Dimension & Size

* Net Weight: 1.40 KG

* Product Size: 31.0cm(L) X 14.0cm(W) X 11.0cm(H)