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SD3 -1 1496x1855
SD3 -1 1496x1855

Show Design 3

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Parameter Introduction



* DC9V, 800mA min

* DMX-512 & RDM protocol

* Control-512 DMX Channels

* Control up to 24 intelligent fixtures, each up to 26 channels

* 36chases, each up to 100steps, can run 5 chases simultaneously

* 12built-in effect programs

* 36 scenes

* Built-in effect generator which saves complex effect setting of intelligent fixtures, effect
  generator can be run simultaneously

* Fader & control wheels are soft patch

* Built-in LED effect programs, multi programs can be run simultaneously

* USB for data backup and firmware update

* RDM to set the DMX addresses of the fixtures from controller

* Sound sensitivity digitally adjustable (0%-100%), built-in MIIC

* Power supply: DC 9V 800mA min


Dimension & Size

* Net Weight: 2.20 KG

* Product Size: 48.2cm(L) X 13.4cm(W) X 7.0cm(H)